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The modern technoprim-itivism for modern techno-primitivists.

We publish media and objects with artistic, emotional intent.


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Tools to slow down the consumption of existence.

The greatest irony of the digital age is that we are constantly surrounded by devices which could free us, yet instead enslave us.

Our modern times of meta consumerism are based upon technologies which have never better modeled the human condition. But how did we get here? We carry in our pockets digital mirrors which reduce the vividness of our beautiful, short existence into two dimensions of indistinguishable figure and ground. Reality thus blurred, we are steered through digital feedback loops, unaware or uncaring of the mediators who cultivate our addictions, catalog our every click, and measure our worth (literally and figuratively) by our browsing.

It was not always so. The internet was once an artistic medium. Before the twelve column grid, Bootstrap and A/B testing, the internet was a hotbed of technoprimitivism, a highly intentional digital folk art. While the modern tools have given us new standards and undoubtedly improved utility and commerce, they have also given us homogeny, erased artistic intention and ossified design. A decade of design influenced by the mantra of “Don’t Make Me Think” has succeeded in its stated objective. was designed to make the viewer Think. While its construction benefits from many modern tools, its design retrieves a humanist intention of the Bauhaus sort, eschewing the grid and staid conventions but embracing the golden ratio and internal consistency. We think the internet is as worthy a medium as any other, and LB000 is our line in the sand. #fuckinternet

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S01E01: The Futuristic Sounds Of...

Candy coloured nights.

In this premier episode, Lazerbeams: Tonite! welcomes you to a post-future journey of neon sound. Electric machines find physical orgasms in our finite organisms and dress us in the penumbrae of otherworlds. We’re here, we’re sphere. Recorded live on September 9, 2016 at The Caged Unicorn in Portland, OR. Imagery directly generated from musical performance. #lb2n

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S01E02: Heaventree of Stars

What spectacle confronted them?

The second episode of Lazerbeams: Tonite! brings meditations of evolution increasingly vaster. Side A opens with an electric luxury gliding machine gliding through the mirrored night of waterfront city blocks, the gluminous parinoia hyperconnecting of planets. Side B moves to warmerlands ('Relatable You') having inside coats lie by loving fire but what finds us there? Recorded live on September 15, 2016 at The Caged Unicorn in Portland, OR. Imagery directly generated from musical performance. #lb2n

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Rare Birds

"To me, this album is a swirling universe of interstellar bodies, warm and full of liquid evolution." -MF

A swirling evolution, is proud to present the first video generated using LAZERFOCUS 2.0 technology. This is the very same technology that we use to create the cover art for LB:2N! episodes. Now with greater (e)motion.

Life is multimodal, and so are we. With this video we present not simply an abstraction or simple accompaniment, but rather a story. A moment for you, dear viewer, to find your own meanings within this strange little universe. Find a place to land.

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Excitable André Finds Love in Sunrise Still

An illusion caused by the world spinning round.

The radiant stillness of morning sunrise shines within this beautiful, meditative session of solo saxophone and drum kit. A live, improvised, unfiltered expression, EVERGREEN (André Bosquet) recorded this session on the day of the photo above; a day that would come to mark the beginning of a reclamation of both technology and spirit. It is the intersection of raga and mid 60s Coltrane as inspired by the mossy underbelly of the pacific northwest. But foremost, it is the feeling of still surprising yourself, slowing down, and reevaluating that which you take for granted.

This album is first in what will be a solo solo series -- a single individual, a single instrument, creating meditative orchestrations with no filter.

Recorded live on September 4, 2017 at The Caged Unicorn in Portland, OR.

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what is bebop '79? where is?

What is bebop?

"it sounds like you got possessed by an 8-bit Ghost Pepper, and then you left your body to possess a neon jazz orchestra conducted by your physical body, possessed by said pepper" -Axton Frick

Bebop '79 is genre bending jazz "duet" from Michael Fanuzzi (drums, guitar, voice) and continuing iterations of His Machine, Lazerbeat (piano, synthesizers).

The Machine is, at a functional level, a clever means of playing multiple instruments at once, feeding off of the subtleties of percussion and the environment to generate fantastical melodies in response.

But more than that, there's an unpredictable nature to it that makes it feel truly alive. The Machine is not only reacting, it is in itself creating. Together.

This premier album was cut from the very first experiment with this real-time conduction technology. Note selection is driven directly by the drums, using a combination of pitch/percussion analysis, first from the drums, and later from the guitar, and even voice. Loops and layers are built, growing ever vaster in scale. The album opens with jaunty march of recursive high synth leads as the drums freely swing below. Later, as synths are changed to pianos ("Pianosolo"), we get a quite modern Scriabin/Jarrett/Iverson mashup. This leads into a piece of soaring poly strings and mallets ("Sky"), which subsequently combines all of the above into a bizarre and beautiful glitch landscape.

Side B, borne from a single drum click, adds riotous guitar and vocal looping, from punk ("Orgasm") to choral ("Dawn"). In ☁ ▅▒░☼‿☼░▒▅ ☁, piano stabs fall from a sky of dreamy afrique electric guitar. Finally, the drum/piano combo returns once more ("Papi/Pills") for a moment that demonstrates in one way how truly modern jazz can be.

Here at, we endeavor to utilize technology to achieve an artistic transcendence. A futuristic primitivism. Welcome to the opening chapter of BEBOP '79.

This album was entirely improvised with no overdubs. Recorded live on August 26, 2017 at The Caged Unicorn in Portland, OR.

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Pianosolo / Dark Pictures

For the premier music video of, we present Bebop `79's "Pianosolo / Dark Pictures". More than simply a document of the performance, it is a visual narrative generated with the same technology that created the audio therein.

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S01E03: The Response

Pretty Fun.

The third episode of Lazerbeams: Tonite! is parallel lines for parallel times. Side A opens darkly, like gothic remnants in the planetarium. Side B tells the tale of the arpeggiator: it laughs, it loves, it cries in extaxy. Xx4u.

Recorded live on October 23, 2016 at The Caged Unicorn in Portland, OR. Imagery directly generated from musical performance. #lb2n

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S01E04: Jazz

𝘫𝘢𝘻𝘻 =JΛZZ J₳ⱫⱫ 𝖏𝖆𝖟𝖟 j̴a̴z̴z̴ ᒍᗩᘔᘔ ⓙⓐⓩⓩ

What is a jazz today? What is the reality of anything we experience in this moment of absolute relative existence? Here, we warble and shake through the synthetic body waves lapping at our minds' doors. Stepping beyond into a handdrum and guitar, master musicians here? Yes. Sailing Upon The Wind softly sweetly. Yet we later retrieve moments from late Coltrane breathing through a digital age, and close with the most personal and intense moment of drumming lazerbeams has yet captured. What's this thing called jazz? That's this thing.

Improvised, captured and created at The Caged Unicorn in Portland, OR. Imagery directly generated from musical performance. #lb2n

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We've Got Fucking Atomic Bombs

Complete Me, Satan

6,450. That is the current number of atomic bombs within the United States' arsenal, and it is less than half of the global supply. Born On the fourth of July, this premier EP from GATEFOLDE is dedicated to each and every one of those bomben, the most sincere legacy of the atomic age. Now presented in a proper remaster by M. Fanuzzi (Lazerbeams: Tonite!, Bebop '79).

We might as well enjoy it.

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